It is true that pest infestations are usually rampant during the summer, but even though this is a proven fact there is still need to make sure that your home or place of business is free from pests during the winter season. Unbeknownst to most people, serious pest infestations can occur even it’s hibernation season. There are still some species of pest that stay during the winter season, because they have no other places to go. Not only that, you will be shocked to know that there are a lot of species of pests that can ruin your winter holidays. Here are some examples of pests that will most likely infest your home during the winter:


The first type of pest that you will need to look out is, winged carpenter ants. If you see winged ants fluttering around your house during the winter season, then this is a serious a problem. Winged Carpenter ants are likely nesting during this time of year and if you see one or two carpenter ants during the winter season, then it is most certain that there is an ant nest somewhere around your house. It is strongly advisable to call a trust pest control company to remove the ant nest inside your home.

Aside from winged carpenter ants, be on a look-out for 2 different species of flies. The two species of flies are the cluster fly and fruit fly. Having flies around your house or your place of business are not the best way to improve your health standards. Any species of flies are likely to be carriers of disease-causing bacteria. Call your trusted exterminator to get rid of these harmful pests before it can spread diseases.

Since your home or place of business is a warm place to be, then it is prone to firewood pests and rodent infestations. Be on the look out for these critters before they will make your home or place of business their home. You can prevent this from happening, if you store your firewood supply in a safe place away from attracting these types of pest and make sure that to call up a pest control company to make sure that your house or place of business is clearly pest-proof.

It is clear now that household pests are more likely to strike at any time of the year even when it is not summer. Which is why, the only way to prevent pest infestation from happening is by preparing your house or place of business to repel pests.