Ant Exterminators in Austin, Texas

There are several ant species in the Central Texas area including carpenter ants, crazy ants, and fire ants. Ants can easily invade your home and contaminate surfaces, get into your food, and harm your family and pets. Once ants get inside your home, it can become very difficult to remove them without the help of a professional pest control company.

Contact Absolute Pest Management for your ant control and ant prevention treatments! We will conduct a thorough inspection of your property in order to identify which type of ants are invading your home, find where the ant colony is and determine how they are getting inside. We will then apply the appropriate ant pesticide and treatments needed to eliminate your ant problem; Call us today for a free ant control quote!

Ant Control Company in Austin, Texas

Ants are annoying pests that can enter your home through the smallest opening. It only takes one ant to infiltrate your home to cause an ant colony of over 400,000 ants to follow and further contaminate your property. If you see ants crawling around your home or office, call Absolute Pest Management today! Queen ants can lay up to 200 eggs an hour, causing your ant infestation to grow at an alarming rate. Don’t wait and contact us today to start your ant control treatment!