by Erika Mehlhaff

Austin Attic Cleaning. Wildlife seeking shelter, food, and water can become major pests and can disrupt your life if they make their way into your home. Having an infestation can cause serious issues. Bats are pests that can pose a real problem; health hazards from bats can be significant. 



One major health impact that bats can have on you and your family is disease. A colony of bats that infests your attic space will expose you to disease-causing fungi. Fungus spores grow in the droppings of bats, called guano, which resembles rodent droppings. These spores will become airborne when the guano is disturbed. You are very likely to become ill with a disease called histoplasmosis if you breathe in those fungal spores. If you inhale them and contract this severe respiratory disease, it can be life-threatening.


Symptoms of histoplasmosis include flu-like symptoms. Because a single bat can produce up to 30 droppings each day, having an infestation of bats in your attic significantly increases the probability of getting infected by the fungi that cause this disease. If you or a family member has been exposed to bat guano and is also experiencing flu-like symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.


There are other bacteria and parasites in bat guano that can make people sick. Diseases such as salmonella, e Coli, and typhoid fever can occur if there is contact with the bacteria in the droppings. And things like intestinal worm parasites could cause other serious health issues.



Austin Attic Cleaning. Bat removal is the key to avoiding health hazards from these pests. Once a licensed pest and rodent control professional takes care of removal of bats from your attic, he or she will be able to provide a comprehensive attic clean-up. Attic restoration is needed after pest remediation, so your health is no longer at risk.


Pest mitigation professionals wearing personal protective equipment will double check that all bats have been excluded from the attic, and then will make sure to seal the area before getting rid of the bat droppings left behind in the contaminated space. They will also ensure that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is turned off and sealed, to avoid spreading any fungal spores from the bat guano throughout the rest of the house. The pros will use a special vacuum cleaner and hazardous waste bags to collect the droppings, then clean and disinfect the space with appropriate treatment products.


Austin Attic Cleaning. Cleaning and restoring an attic that has been infested by bats is necessary to avoid suffering health risks associated with bat droppings. Because the process can be hazardous, complex, and time-consuming, removing bat waste in your attic after excluding the bats themselves should be completed immediately by a professional pest management company.

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