Termite Swarming Season


Listen up! “Termite Swarming Season” is just about upon us. If you’re not from the south then you may or may not know what that means. It’s about having tens of thousands of little itty-bitty black insects with long wings, … Read More

Trade Show – “Let The Games Begin”

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We recently had a display at the Austin Apartment Association 2012 “Let the Games Begin” trade show. It was a great time and we were able to network with Property Managers, Leasing Agents, Assistant Managers, associates, and Maintenance Supervisors. We … Read More

Team Ashley

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There are times when business needs to take a backseat to life. This is definitely one of those times. Ashley’s Story [thethe-image-slider name=”Team Ashley”] On July 27th, 2012, Ashley Pinson was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. A … Read More

Bed Bug Infestations

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Bed Bug Infestations Bed Bugs are tiny little blood-sucking creatures that squat in our mattresses. However, their minute size makes it hard for any human being to track them down and eradicate a colony of bed bugs. Nevertheless, we can … Read More

Residential Scope of Services

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INITIAL SERVICE A.) Interior Target Areas (Pest Sighting Areas) “Common Areas” (Plumbing and Electrical entry points, utility room, garage, sink areas.) Bait Specific target locations (Interior, garage, water heater closet) Dust Attic (Silverfish, Scorpions, Carpenter Ants) B.) Exterior Barrier application … Read More

Why You Need Pest Control

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Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products, materials and valuables are lost due to inadequate and inaccurate pest control and or the lack of it. Pests are uncontrollable that they can afflict residential or commercial establishments you … Read More

What Are Pest Control Services?

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Pest Control Service in Austin, TX Pest Control service are now really popular these days, because it is more convenient to hire someone to get rid of household pests, garden insects, and even building insects. Also, not all of us … Read More

Termites and Carpenter Ants

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Termites and carpenter ants are both alike in there destruction of wood but different in many ways. These insects usually give home-owners both financial and emotional distress when they wreak havoc into their homes. While the carpenter ants don’t actually … Read More