Pest control is a year round problem. I say that because people often think that when it gets colder in the winter months pest control is no longer an issue, not true. Rats and mice can be a real issue for home owners during winter; they don’t like the cold weather so they look for entry points to your home so they can make your home, there home. If your home isn’t properly sealed off, you could have an infestation, especially if you live in rural areas. Rodents are not the only pest issue during winter, cockroaches, ants, and termites live inside the walls of your homes and won’t be affected by the colder weather. Think of rats, mice, cockroaches, termites and ants sharing your home with you this winter, not a pleasant thought. That’s why the best type of pest control is the preventive type. Absolute Pest Management has be helping Austin residents prepare for winter sense 1999 and has over 85 years of combined experience. Our experienced staff will give you and your family an informative consultation and help you prepare for the winter so that the only unwanted guests in home this winter are your in-laws. Contact Absolute Pest Management today to schedule an appointment.