Whether mosquitoes, spiders, or roaches, no one wants to deal with pests invading his or her home. These and other pests can destroy homes, negatively impact health, and make life uncomfortable in general. One of the most pervasive pest problems Texans face is ants.


Ants are a huge problem for homeowners across the Lone Star State. There are hundreds of species of ants in Texas, including everything from small, black ants and sugar ants to carpenter ants and acrobat ants, to fire ants. Fire ants are likely the most commonly noted species of ant in Texas.


The red imported fire ant is non-native (as the name suggests); they migrated into the state in the mid-1900s and now can be found nearly all over Texas. These ants live mostly in mounds they construct in open areas; these mounds often go unseen or unnoticed, especially when located in grassy areas or brush, but can become more evident after it rains. Fire ants are typically small and red or coppery in color. They can vary in size up to about 6 mm, but their bite is much more intense than you might suspect from such a tiny pest.


Fire ants are some of the most aggressive species of ant, earning their name because of their response when they are disturbed. These ants go on the defensive when provoked, swarming and biting as a defense mechanism. They bite, creating an initial stinging sensation of painful burning, followed by intense itchy spots and/or pustules that can last several days after the ant bite occurs.


Keeping fire ants at bay is best handled by pest control professionals. They can use fire ant-targeting bait and sprays to fight this pest around your property. They can place this bait around the structure of your home and throughout the yard; the special bait attracts the pests so they take it back to the ant mound. The pros also can spray around the perimeter of your home to help deter fire ants from entering your house. The professionals use the bait combined with the spray for especially effective fire ant control, so your whole property, from house to yard, is free of fire ants.

Effective fire ant treatment provided by a reputable and professional pest management company like Absolute Pest Management will include an inspection around your property. The team of pest mitigation specialists will look around outside your home to find active fire ant mounds and possible fire ant entry points, such as cracks and crevices in walls and around windows and doors. They will then be able to determine the appropriate course of action and address your fire ant problem with the best pest control bait and spray available. Get your professional pest control services in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area from Absolute Pest Management. Contact the team of knowledgeable and skilled pest control experts via their official website at any time, or by calling 512-444-0262 to learn more about the services they provide.