Raccoons look like cute and cuddly creatures, but when they descend upon your property, they can become problematic pests. They spend their lives searching for shelter and food wherever they can find it. Sometimes they hit the jackpot in neighborhoods because they can find both easily in these locations. Raccoons often live in dens near houses and frequent those that have easy access to food and water; but in many instances they relocate to attics, garages, or even chimneys. They present a major health hazard: they are destructive and make huge messes by turning over garbage cans and leaving droppings in and around your home; and they carry several bacterial diseases that can be transmitted to humans and their pets. This leaves many homeowners with the question of how to get rid of raccoons.


According to the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, these mostly nocturnal animals are less active in the winter than other seasons, sleeping a lot in their dens and reproducing during the late winter. Female raccoons usually have one to six baby kits in the spring. If you have one or more raccoons living on your property, especially inside any space in your home, you should call a professional pest and wildlife control company right away to protect your home and your family. A professional can employ methods to identify and remove adult raccoons and their kits.


There are some actions you can take as a homeowner to discourage raccoons from taking up residence inside your home. This nuisance animal is less likely to live near or on your property if you make the environment unattractive to them. This means removing potential food and water sources, or making them less accessible. First, keep garbage bagged and in receptacles that are difficult to open; secure the lids if necessary. Second, if you have pets, remember to feed them inside; do not leave pet food outside–even in a garage. Third, make sure your fruit/vegetable garden is protected by installing raccoon-deterrent fencing. (Note: electric fencing is very effective, but there are other options as well, such as building a full garden enclosure, which will also help keep wildlife pests out of your garden.) And fourth, block any access to your home–for instance, screen vents and chimneys with wire mesh, permanently securing it after your professional pest and wildlife control team ensures there are no animals inside.

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