Bugs are always a nuisance whether they are inside or outside of your home. When they become too much to handle, it’s important to know what preventive measures to take to get rid of them. With that being said, we’ve come up with different ideas on how to keep bugs away outside so that you don’t have to worry about taking those preventive measures in the future.

How to Keep Bugs Away Outside

Tips on How to Keep Bugs Away

1. Maintain Cleanliness and Cover Food

It is essential to keep your environment clean. When outside, make sure you wipe anything that spills on the tables and chairs and any other surface you are using. For instance, sweet drinks attract ants. Be sure to wipe up any drinks that contain sugars up immediately if they were to spill.

The fact that you are reading about keeping bugs away outside means you already have them in your compound. Therefore, do not leave your food and drinks uncovered. You will be attracting all kinds of bugs. Besides, they bring along dirt that contaminates your food.

2. Replace Ordinary Lighting with LED

Bugs swarm around light bulbs. You need lighting at night as you have fun or relax in the backyard. Install LED lighting instead of ordinary white light. LED does not attract bugs. This way, you have a chance to cook, eat, and have fun without bugs bothering you.

3. Use Citrus-Smelling Candles

When you have had enough of the bugs, try using citrus candles such as citronella. They do a great job repelling mosquitos. This can be helpful at night when sitting around a fire enjoying a quiet time with friends and family.

4. Apply Baby Oil on Your Skin

Mosquitoes are a common nuisance. Baby oil can help avoid stings. Apply it on your skin, and it will trap mosquitoes the moment they land on your body. It works the same way as pouring oil in stagnant water to kill mosquitoes. They cannot breathe when in oil.

5. Avoid Fragrances That are Too Sweet for Bugs

Perhaps you like a fruity, sweet-scented fragrance. Some bugs cannot resist the smell. It would be a helpful idea to buy fragrances with less sweet smells.

6. Use Garlic and Onions

Fill a bowl with water and then drop a sliced onion in it. Doing so keeps bugs away. It is also time to start using garlic in your cooking if you have not been using it. Mosquitoes dislike the smell of garlic.

7. Consider Planting Mint and Rosemary

Gardening is beneficial in many ways. Plant rosemary and mint in your backyard. They are an enemy of bugs. The spices have smells that mosquitoes do not like as well.

Bottom Line

With the above tips on how to keep bugs away outside, you are in a position to have a more stress-free experience when you’re spending time outside your property. You won’t have to stress about possibly getting bitten or being pestered by bugs. No matter what kind of bug problem you have, pest control pros at Absolute Pest Management offer residential pest control services that can help you enjoy your time outside as well.