With a bit of research, you’ll discover that there are plenty of ways to control pests and deal with infestations. If you’re wary of using pesticides and chemicals to deal with pests in your premises, isolated heat treatment for pest control is one way to go. The method involves using dry heat to eliminate pests, regardless of how large the infestation is.

Isolated Heat Treatment for Pest Control

Isolated Heat Treatment for Pest Control

How Does It Work?

The process uses a technology referred to as endotherm. This works by heating an area to a predetermined area for about two hours or so. The heat, usually between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius, dehydrates and kills all life stages of pests and bugs, from eggs and larvae to adults. Some methods involve building heat treatment which works by rapidly increasing the temperature of rooms in an infested home, for example, to a point where all insects and pests cannot withstand the heat.

Isolated heat treatment comes with various advantages which include:


Since there are no chemicals used during heat treatment, there are no long term health side effects to exposed individuals. Using chemicals and pesticides, for example, can be toxic if proper procedures are not followed or if the space is not ventilated adequately before re-occupancy. Moreover, killing pests using harsh chemicals can lead to ozone layer depletion.

Reach Challenging Areas

Heat treatment can penetrate areas that are hard to reach with chemicals and pesticides. This is a critical benefit as most insects like hiding in small cracks which could lead to an infestation.

No Evacuation Needed

Unlike scenarios where chemical treatments are used, and an entire site needs to be evacuated, heat treatment allows untreated areas of a facility to remain operational as the procedure is non-toxic. This cuts the costs of having to find alternative premises during the procedure.

Single Treatment

Whereas chemical treatments may require to be carried out over an extended period of time, heat treatments are performed only once, for low to mid-level infestations, to get rid of pests effectively.

Damage Free

If heat treatment is performed by competent professionals, the procedure will not damage contents in your interior space. It’s often considered safe to leave potentially infected material and electronics in the area being heated as long as they’re unplugged. Nonetheless, you can count on heat treatment professionals to provide a list of items you’ll need to remove prior to the treatment.

Real-Time Monitoring

Heat treatment usually involves real-time monitoring using computers and wireless sensors to track temperatures remotely in various areas of the space being heated. You can always expect a detailed report after the treatment.

Bottom Line

Many pest treatment options can leave a false sense of security when it comes to dealing with pests. Some pests such as bedbugs can go into hiding for months without food, so when there’s a sudden infestation, it could be the same bed bugs that were plaguing you before. However, when you have isolated heat treatment for pest control, you can rest assured that the treatment has worked, because heat treatment targets the entire home. Although this method is up and coming, it’s important to consult professional pest control services to perform these services to ensure that it is done safely and effectively.