June Bugs in Texas – Most Texans have experienced June bugs during the summer, especially between May and July. They don’t have to worry about these nondescript beetles because June bugs are harmless–they don’t bite or sting–though they can be an annoyance as they fly through outdoor spaces where people are trying to enjoy time outside. That said, June bugs can still become a problem for Texans when it comes to their lawns and landscapes.

Known as chafers, June bugs spend a great deal of time eating vegetation. The adult beetles eat a variety of plant foliage, while the white grubs from earlier in the life cycle tend to chew through the roots of plants, destroying grasses and other plants as they develop into adult beetles underground. While adult June bugs damage plants by feeding on their leaves and stems, the insect in its larval stage is usually more of an issue. Known as white grubs, these larvae can wreak serious havoc for Texans who have infestations. Many people don’t realize that June bugs can become a major problem in Texas lawns and gardens until they see the impact on their landscapes.

These insects are called June bugs because they tend to arrive on the scene in the greatest numbers during that month, but they can become a pest any time they make their appearance. June bugs are nocturnal beetles. Female  beetles can lay up to 75 eggs underground, which will hatch after about 18 days and remain under the soil to develop over the course of the next nine months before emerging as adult beetles.

There are many signs that indicate a potential June bug infestation in Texas landscapes. Some of those signs include actual sightings of the pests (especially in large quantities) and plant foliage with visible damage. They are often seen dead beneath outdoor lighting, as they are attracted to light (even though they are nocturnal). Moreover, if there is a June bug grub infestation, there will be dried, brown patches of lawn that have died–or entire lawns that are dead if the infestation is particularly severe.

If you need assistance with a possible June bug infestation, reach out to a reputable pest management company; the professionals offer a wide range of treatment methods and preventative options to combat June bugs and can help mitigate other summer pest problems such as infestations of cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, and more.

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