Mosquito Control Services in Austin, TX

Not only do mosquito bites hurt, but they can also come with serious side effects including anything from an allergic reaction to the spread of disease.

Mosquitoes are “born” in standing water, mud, ponds, tin cans, under decks, puddles and old tires, etc. Hundreds of thousands are “born” each day. Mosquitoes rarely travel farther than 300′ from their birthplace. Only the females bite. They like the dark shrubbery areas and will suck the juice out of plants in order to survive. The likelihood of an infestation or re-infestation is greatly affected by moisture conditions that attract mosquitoes or make their survival much easier. Our inspectors can identify these conducive conditions and make recommendations for proper corrective action(s).

We are Austin’s Top Mosquito Exterminators

Not only will Absolute Pest Management reduce the annoyance of mosquitoes for you and your family, we will do it in a way that guarantees the service has a low environmental impact. To ensure our mosquito control program is effective and environmentally friendly, we use products that are derived from flowers and bacteria. The program consists of monthly treatments, beginning in March and ending in October. This allows you to maximize your time outdoors during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months.

We have a program that will control mosquitoes and keep controlling them throughout the mosquito season. Our Mosquito Control Program includes the following:

  • Properly inspection
  • Identification of mosquito breeding and resting areas
  • Source reduction or elimination – typically gutters, containers. toys, pots, bird baths, etc. (anything that collects standing water)
  • Larvicide treatment application to target standing water or areas where potential mosquito breeding sites exist – bird baths, ponds, flower pots, containers, marshes, creeks, flooded areas, etc.
  • Adulticide treatment application to target adult mosquito resting areas – shrubs, ivy, weeds, small trees, shaded areas, etc.)

Tips for Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (the air we exhale) and can sense it from up to 30 yards away. Mosquitoes are also drawn to body heat, moisture, movement, and dark colors. In addition to professional mosquito control, here are some things you can do at home to reduce mosquito bites:

  • Eliminate areas with standing water once a week
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Remove any litter from yard – mosquitoes can lay eggs in small, discarded items that hold water, such as cans, bottles, wrappers, etc.
  • Correct drainage issues, if any
  • Dress in light colored, loose fitting clothing when outdoors
  • Use GE yellow “bug lights” – these do not repel mosquitoes but, unlike incandescent lights, do not attract them
  • Use citronella candles, although they only have a mild effect
  • Place a large fan on decks or patios – mosquitoes are weak fliers.

All of our employees sincerely appreciate the confidence you have placed in us. We would like to offer you, our customer, a courtesy visual inspection of you properties conducive areas and conditions in an effort to eliminate the potential of Mosquito-borne diseases. We believe your home should be safe, secure, and protected.

An ABSOLUTE PEST MANAGEMENT professional is available to help you prevent, find and eliminate mosquitoes.