Moths can become a major nuisance around your porch or patio in the spring and summer months. These bothersome bugs often arrive on the scene en masse, swarming and swooping as you try to enjoy some time outside. Furthermore, moths can sneak into your house and settle into your pantry or closets. If you have seen an increase in moths around your home and are worried they might invade your personal space, you will want to keep the moth population to a minimum.


There are a variety of tips and tricks for keeping moths at bay in and around your home. Many people start simply by turning off the porch lights. Moths are attracted to light, so leaving your lights on is like an open invitation that will draw them to your house. Keeping your porch lights off is helpful, as is replacing any outdoor fluorescent/incandescent bulbs with yellow, orange, or red bulbs that are less attractive to moths. Closing your window coverings to block indoor light will also help keep moths away. Mitigating light sources when moths are present is an easy way to deter them before they become a major problem. And make sure your doors and windows have screens. If you have a multitude of moths outside, you will want to inspect the screens for tears and holes, then repair them if possible or replace the screens if required to stop moths from getting inside. 


Another key thing you can do is repel moths using scents. Moths do not like certain scents and will avoid areas where those scents are detected. The most common moth repellant scent also repels other flying insects: citronella. There are several different citronella products available on the market, including oil and candles; you can find such products at hardware and home improvement stores. Other scents that help get rid of moths include cedar, and herbs like lavender, cloves, rosemary, and more. Creating garden plantings with these things can help, as can diffusing the essential oils inside your home.


Of course, sometimes the moth population is so large that there is little that makes an impact. When preventative measures aren’t enough, you can end up with an infestation. When moths get out of control, you should consider contacting a local professional pest control company for assistance. Reputable pest control experts can help identify the moth species around your home, find points of entry into your home, execute pest control methods, and apply preventative mitigation techniques to keep the moths from returning.

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