As winter has faded into spring, many Texans have started the age-old ritual of spring cleaning. Part of this includes addressing pest hot spots. Pests have been preparing for the warmth of spring, too, often out of sight inside your home. But welcoming in the sunshine and warmer spring weather doesn’t mean you have to welcome pests, too. Read on to learn how you can part ways with pantry pests that might have taken up residence in your kitchen over the winter. 


The most common place to find spring pests is in the kitchen, specifically the pantry. Pests can access sources of food and water easily there. They are often found amongst herbs and spices, flour, cereal, nuts, rice and other grains, and other dry goods. Many pests carry bacteria that can contaminate food products, so it is extremely important for the health of you and your family to eliminate them when found in your kitchen pantry.


Spring cleaning should include taking everything out of your pantry to look for signs of pests. Pests themselves–living or dead–as well as any spider webs, nests/nesting materials, or droppings are all signs of a possible pantry pest infestation. After you check the hard-to-reach corners of your pantry for indications of pest activity and clean them away, sort through the items you took out of the space. Immediately discard any with pests or unidentifiable debris present; then toss out any outdated and stale products and ingredients which are as attractive to pests as the freshest food scraps and crumbs and sticky sweet residue from food spills.





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Keeping your pantry and the rest of your kitchen clean and tidy all year round contributes considerably to keeping spring pests at bay. But spring cleaning is never complete without checking for and eliminating pests. That’s why pest management should be at the top of your list of household concerns. To prevent future pest infestations or remediate current ones in your kitchen pantry and elsewhere in your home, take time to reach out to a licensed pest management company so the professionals can inspect, identify, and control the pest problem.

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