Attics are a favorite location for nuisance pests such as rodents, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and others. The attic environment is comfortable for pests, being cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. Further, attics offer protection from predators and safety from humans, allowing them to thrive while out of sight.


Pests build nests in attic insulation and cause property damage by gnawing/chewing wires, drywall, and other construction materials. As they live in the space, they leave debris that includes food remnants and waste matter, exposing you and your family to serious health risks.


Licensed pest and rodent control professionals can handle pest extermination and/or removal from your attic, and follow that with a comprehensive attic clean-up. Having a pest infestation in your attic can cause both structural and health issues. Attic restoration is needed after pest remediation, so damage to your home is mitigated and your health is no longer at risk.


Pests leave behind filth and odors in your attic. Eradicating all that pests leave behind requires thorough attic decontamination, an extensive process carried out by professionals to eliminate issues that may have resulted from an infestation. Comprehensive attic decontamination starts with an inspection of your attic to remove pests, then a deep clean, followed by exclusion to seal access points and deter future infestations.


Professional pest control and management companies ensure that the trained team uses effective products and tools for your attic restoration. They focus on complete removal of any and all traces of pest waste, hair/fur, etc. in a safe way. Professionals will remove nesting materials from your attic as well, including contaminated insulation–if the insulation has been compromised due to an infestation, it will be bagged and taken away before the area is cleaned and disinfected, so new insulation can be put in place. The goal is to make sure your attic is clean and free from any harmful viral and bacterial germs, fungus, mold, and mildew that pests might have introduced to the space in any way.


Call pest control and attic restoration professionals for the safest pest removal and most thorough decontamination of your attic after a pest infestation. Cleaning or restoring your attic yourself can be difficult and dangerous. Hiring a professional pest control company to request pest removal and remediation is the best first step towards decontaminating your attic.

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