A.) Interior

    1. Target Areas (Pest Sighting Areas)
  1. “Common Areas” (Plumbing and Electrical entry points, utility room, garage, sink areas.)
  2. Bait Specific target locations (Interior, garage, water heater closet)
  3. Dust Attic (Silverfish, Scorpions, Carpenter Ants)

B.) Exterior

  1. Barrier application (approx: 5’) around structure perimeter.
  2. Exterior may be treated with granules or power sprayed.
  3. UP Foundation Perimeter ( approx: 3’ band ) Residual Fantail or Power Sprayed.
  4. Clean spider webs off entry points ( 1st floor only, light fixtures, window casings, and doorways). Do Not note on agreement.
  5. Treat all entry points Re: to include, but not limited to doors, window casings, pipe chases, weep holes, plumbing and electrical penetrations, eaves, etc.
  6. Dust Weep Holes
  7. Copper-wool Weep Holes (when applicable at an additional charge).

•     Special Services maybe added to contract. These services must be noted and highlighted on the agreement under “Special Instructions”.

•     Special Services may require additional charges. To be noted on agreement prior to providing the service.

Pharoah Ant Services:

  1. Bait wall plates in kitchen, bath(s), utility room(s) an~l active areas.
  2. Treat exterior perimeter 3’ up and 5’ out.
  3. Treat all windows and doorways. ( Bait door if applicable)
  4. Dust weep-holes and plumbing and electrical penetrations.

Carpenter Ant Services:

  1. Bait and Dust areas(s) of infestation.
  2. Power Spray or Granular Bait exterior perimeter.
  3. Dust attic (if applicable)
  4. Dust or Bait wall plates in infested areas.
  5. Non-repellant insecticides applied to trailing areas.
  6. If re-service is necessary attempt to schedule for early morning activity.



(Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly)

A.) Customer Interview:

  1. Determine any area(s) of concern.

B.) Respond to problem areas:

  1. Inspect problem areas.
  2. Use dust, baits / gels and or residual as needed.
  3. Attic treatment.


  1. Maintain 3’ Barrier Band Treatment” UP” from base of structure, around entire perimeter.
  2. Maintain 5’ Barrier Application “OUT” from structure, around entire perimeter.
  3. Treat Exterior entry points (window casings, doorways, cracks and crevices, weep-holes, eaves, etc.
  4. Document any conducive conditions that may require the customer’s assistance.
  5. Make recommendations to help prevent pest from entering or breeding in or near the structure. (Caulking, weather stripping, etc.)