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Scorpions are arachnids, close relatives of spiders, Scorpions are known for there scary appearance that includes not only 2 pincers but also a large tail that angle over their back with a venomous stinger attached. Scorpions thrive in dry land areas but are well known in Texas. Scorpions are very fast and uses their small size to hide under cool places like rocks, shoes, clothing, coffee tables, beds, and more. Most Scorpions become active at night while hiding during the day time. If you come into contact with a Scorpion use extreme caution, there sting is extremely painful and the pain can linger for up to 3 days and in some cases result in death. Make it a priority to have your home or business sprayed for scorpions on a regular basis, don’t wait until you get a painful sting from a Scorpion.

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