Spider Exterminators in Austin, Texas

Some spiders in Austin are not venomous and actually help control the insect population in your home and garden. However, there are some species that can cause severe harm to humans and pets. Absolute Pest Management offers effective and affordable spider control and treatments to homes and businesses in the Austin area.

Spider Control and Spider Treatments for Austin Homes and Businesses

When you call Absolute Pest Management, we will carefully inspect the property to identify what species of spiders are invading your home or business. We will then set up traps, use special equipment and apply the necessary spider treatments needed to eliminate the infestation. Call Austin’s professional spider exterminators today for a free quote!

Venomous Spider Extermination Services in Austin, Texas

There are two types of venomous spiders that require immediate spider control treatment and medical attention if bitten: the Black widow and the Brown recluse. Black widows are identifiable by the scarlet hourglass shape on their glossy black body, and recluses are identifiable by their grayish-brown color and the violin shape on the middle part of the body, where the legs attach. These species can be found both indoors and outdoors. Most DIY pesticides will not have a lasting effect, especially if the treatment is not applied correctly. Avoid the headaches DIY-projects bring and call Absolute Pest Management today to effectively eliminate your spider infestation!