Many people experience seasonal allergies, but did you know that certain household pests can make allergies worse? If you or your loved ones have spring allergies and are experiencing allergic symptoms regularly while in your home, pests might be exacerbating your issues.


It is important to be aware of the fact that household pests can contribute to seasonal allergies. Homeowners need to understand the link between different pests and allergies, so they can mitigate the impact of household pests as triggers.


Cockroaches, dust mites, and rodents are some of the most worrisome pests when it comes to triggering spring allergies. Cockroaches can cause people to experience allergic reactions via specific proteins in their droppings and saliva, as well as their body parts in general. Dust mites can cause respiratory symptoms to occur because their discarded skins and droppings may contribute to respiratory constriction. And rodents also can trigger allergy symptoms by way of their droppings and skin flakes (i.e., dander). The best way to keep these and other pests at bay, so they are unable to exacerbate the allergy symptoms of your and/or your family members, is to use tried and true pest control methods.


To keep pest allergens away you must keep the pests themselves away. Some basic pest control methods to try to include eliminating potential access points for pests, so they cannot enter your home. You can start by sealing holes, cracks, and crevices in exterior walls. Another thing to do is seal your food well to keep from attracting pests; and cleaning up after making snacks/meals so no crumbs are left on your kitchen surfaces is also key. Disposing of garbage regularly helps keep pests away, too.


Getting rid of pest allergens can be difficult, but a professional pest management company can help. For more information about protecting your home and family from pests, reach out to a professional pest control team in your area; hire a reputable, experienced company like Absolute Pest Management to provide routinely scheduled pest prevention at your home. They can help target any current pest infestations, and deter other pests from taking up residence in your home. The best pest exterminator will be committed to keeping you and your family safe from pests and the negative health impacts that they can cause, including allergies.

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