Summer Bugs in Texas. Are you in the middle of a summer heatwave? Many people are experiencing extreme heat right now, even reaching record-breaking temperatures in some places. The heat can be hard to handle for humans, but did you know that hot weather also has an impact on insects?


Insects are cold-blooded creatures–they cannot produce their own body heat. This means they are affected significantly by the external temperature of their environments. Insect growth, development, and behavior all are affected by whether their surroundings are warm or cold, with extreme temperatures impacting them more dramatically.


Since insects are cold-blooded and their body temperatures change based on the temperature of the air around them, their activity level changes along with those temperatures. When the weather is warmer outside, insects tend to become more active than when it is cooler.


Summer Bugs in Texas. Hot, dry weather causes insects to seek out water and cooler locations. Further, as temperatures increase, insects need to eat more to survive. Hotter weather conditions drive them to seek shelter inside in residences and other buildings. They will invade homes because the indoor air temperature is cooler indoors, and there are plenty of water and food sources.


Even the life cycles of some insects can be affected, speeding up a lot when the temperatures climb higher; insect reproductive rates tend to increase in the warmer months of the year, which is why there are typically more of them visible when the temperatures rise during the summer. The increased breeding and reproduction of insects can lead to exponential growth in many of their populations and make infestations a huge problem for people.




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