Termites and carpenter ants are both alike in there destruction of wood but different in many ways. These insects usually give home-owners both financial and emotional distress when they wreak havoc into their homes. While the carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood like termites, they do hollow out the wood and then nest in wood. They hollow out the wood along the grain and make pathways for the entire colony of ants which can be up to 1000 ants. Termites on the other hand feed off from wood and they can be very greedy as they are capable to chomp every piece of wood you own in your home. To sum it all up, both termites and carpenter ants do not require any effort to cause any house to disintegrate .

There are some preventive measures that you can do to prevent these insects from damaging the wood in your home is to reduce the moisture levels that are surrounding any wooden materials in your home by cleaning out the gutters regularly to repel termites and carpenter ants as studies show that they are more attracted to moist wood. With prevention measures aside, it is still better to hire an expert who can make sure that your home or your place of business are safe from termites and carpenter ants. You will be able to save more money from paying exterminator bills if you make it a habit to hire exterminator for termite and carpenter ant inspection. Inspections are way more cheaper than extermination services. Although, this maybe the case there are still more home-owners and business-owners that has this habit of calling an exterminator when the problem is already right before there eyes. It is not cost-effective to continue this habit as termites and carpenter ants can damage your property easily and often times, insurance companies will not cover the damage and you will be left shouldering the cost to repair the damage that has been done by termites and/or carpenter ants.

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