by Erika Mehlhaff

Wasp Removal Austin. Wasps are common pests in Texas, especially during the warmest months of the year. They are most active during the summer, which is often problematic for people who have to deal with them while spending time trying to enjoy outdoor activities. Wasps are known for their painful stings, which they use as a defense mechanism; the intensely sharp and penetrating stings help deter threatening predators. No one wants to encounter wasps; you need to know how to protect your home from wasps.


Some species of wasps you might encounter in Texas include yellowjackets, hornets, paper wasps, and cicada killers. Yellowjackets have smooth bodies with yellow and black stripes; they are known for being aggressive. Hornets are the most aggressive of any wasps in the Lone Star State; they are mostly black, with some white markings on their faces. Paper wasps build nests that look like layered paper; they are a common species of wasp that is generally dark brown with orange markings. Cicada killers are a species of large wasps that usually have black and orange stripes; they build their nests in the soil.

Yellowjacket Austin Texas
Paper Wasp - Austin, Texas
Hornet - Austin, Texas
Cicada Killer - Austin, Texas


Wasps are essential within ecosystems; they are important in the environment because they contribute to pollination as they seek out and feed on nectar. They also help to control some small populations of things like spiders and other insects because they prey on them to feed their young. That said, having wasps around your Texas property can be very problematic because they not only are a nuisance, but also pose health risks from their stings.


There are ways to prevent wasps from building nests around your property, at least to some extent. To keep wasps at bay, you must make your property less attractive to them. You can help by maintaining your yard well. But the best way to protect your home from wasps is to contact reputable pest control professionals for assistance. Pest control experts in Texas can take care of wasp nest removal and provide guidance for prevention.

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