What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs dwell in homes, mostly in their beds hence the nickname Bed Bugs. Bed Bugbed bug treatment extermination services austin texas hays countys are very hard to see by the naked eye and can even feed on humans without them noticing. Why do bed bugs attach themselves to beds? Well they like cool climates and people often keep their bedrooms very well air-conditioned by the A/C, a fan or both. Bed bugs are not nocturnal but are most active at night therefore will feed on you while you lay or sleep in your bed.

Now if you were to look at your sheets, under them, on pillows, anywhere on your bed you may never see them, but if you’ve had your mattress for a while you may notice dark spots on the actual mattress, this is from the bedbugs fecal matter and blood. Bites from these insects don’t hurt but can cause rashes and allergic reactions. Request a FREE quote or a walk-through, our pest control Austin services are known as the best in the area.

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