Dealing with a pest infestation is absolutely an unnerving experience for any Texas homeowner. Keeping rodents and wildlife pests out of your home can be difficult, as well as expensive if you don’t take appropriate steps to remedy the situation. Because these pests are so difficult to keep out, they may move in over time and become an unwelcome presence in your home.


In Texas, there is a wide variety of rodents and wildlife pests that seek refuge inside our homes. Having these pests in your home is unsanitary and dangerous. They can contaminate your space, from floors to food, and also are known to carry and transmit illness and disease via their droppings and/or by bringing in secondary pests like fleas and ticks which could become problems in their own right. On top of those things, rodents and wildlife cause major damage to your home in countless ways, including using insulation for nesting and damaging electrical wiring by chewing on it. If you suspect that you have any kind of pest infestation, calling a professional pest and wildlife control specialist is the move to make to get it under control.


The pest control methods for addressing a rodent or wildlife pest infestation vary depending on what critters have invaded your home. Controlling rats won’t necessarily require the same action as controlling bats, for instance. Your professional pest management company will develop a plan to target the specific pest problems you have. But until you schedule a visit from the pros, you can take some steps to help deter pests from your property.


Things you can do to help keep rodents and wildlife pests out of your home include modifying the environment to make it less attractive to them. Cutting them off from their food and water supply is one key step to take immediately–just tightly covering/sealing trash, recycling, and compost bins consistently can work wonders, as can decluttering and organizing storage areas where rodents and wildlife pests often hide. Another way to deter destructive pests is to seal any cracks or crevices where they might be able to enter your home as best as you can until the professionals can do so with professional-grade products. Installing fencing to bar entry onto your property in the first place can help with some pests, too.


Pests seeking shelter, food, and water, can easily disrupt your life by moving in with you! Keeping them out of your Texas home is vital to maintaining good health for you and your family members, and ensuring that the structural integrity of your home goes uncompromised. If you suspect that your home has been infested by rodents or wildlife pests, you need to act quickly. Sometimes all it takes is making water, food, and shelter as inaccessible as possible to encourage destructive critters to go elsewhere so pest control professionals can address the issues over the long term.

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